NOTICE: The publicly available WISDOM application was retired in March, 2018.  A different application has been developed as part of the Governor's Energy Strategy with similar data availability called the Natural Resource and Energy Explorer (NREX). For access to Wyoming Game and Fish Department, State Wildlife Action Plan species data, select your area of interest on the Locate tab>then run the SWAP tool on the Tools tab in NREX.

The Wyoming Interagency Spatial Database & Online Management (WISDOM) System was a user-friendly tool allowing any interested individual to discover, consider, and assess Wyoming’s wildlife resources. 

WISDOM was intended to provide landscape-level information during the early stages of project planning. It did not replace or supersede site specific analysis with appropriate agencies. It was used in concert with all available data and expertise to ensure project plans addressed wildlife and habitat conservation at all levels.

WISDOM was an easily accessible web-based delivery system for providing a set of natural resource data layers. This non-regulatory, landscape-level information allowed a user to visually explore the distribution of important Wyoming wildlife habitat, identify potential stressors to wildlife, and other relevant data. Read More...